Weekly Readings

ACM’s very first program was called Weekly Readings. It was a bold program designed to help dozens of composers and get attention in the process and it did both.  Every week between 2004 and somewhere around 2010 our musicians met and read through a piece of music, recorded it and posted it to our website.

Unfortunately we began this program before streaming was possible and so we used Real Audio and all of the files from the two years are now hopelessly corrupted.  But we’re in the process of archiving what does survive.

Giving composers the chance to hear their music is still a very important part of ACM’s mission and although we don’t read through pieces weekly anymore, our Late Night at National Sawdust project has a reading component and we’re hoping to have many more in the near future.

In the meantime here are few fun pictures from the early years.

mas y menos 012 DePue 001


Smith 021