Warsaw composer Agnieszka Stulginska is the recipient of this year’s Composer Alive commission

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Composer Alive commission is going to composer Agnieszka Stulginska from Warsaw Poland.

Composer Alive is our annual international commissioning project in which we ask a composer in a different country to compose a piece of music in installments and email each installment to us as she writes it.

Each installment is then rehearsed and recorded in front of a live audience and posted to our website with comments from the composer.  The idea is to give an audience the chance to hear a piece of music composed from first draft, through rewrites, to the finish product and also to give a composer the chance to try out new ideas in a three month virtual workshop.

The project will culminate in April with a final concert at which we’ll give the World Premiere of the new piece and perform music of other living Polish composers.

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