Videos Posted – Late Night at National Sawdust

Late Night at National Sawdust is a new quarterly series from Brooklyn’s hottest contemporary music venue.  A collaboration between ACM and Open G Records, this series is also broadcast live on Relevant Tones, the country’s only weekly syndicated radio program featuring contemporary classical music.

The first concert was January 20, 2017 (yeah, inauguration day.)   Watch a video below!


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Squaring the Circle by J. Mark Scearce
Touching the Fog by Agnieszka Stulginska
Sleep Now, O Sleep Now by Alan Thiesen (World Premiere)
Veil by Seth Boustead
Three by Three by Eric Nathan
Two pieces from Book of the Hours by Jeremy Gill



Matthew Cohen, viola
Jeremy Gill, piano/conductor
Christopher Grymes- clarinet
James Kim – cello
Molly Morkoski – piano
Adelya Nartadjieva, violin
Suliman Tekalli – violin