Video from Acoustic Resonances Concert posted

On October 16 ACM’s resident ensemble Palomar gave the World Premiere of Liminal Bends by Ben Vida, the recipient of our annual Composer Alive commission.  Liminal Bends is a hypnotic tour de force merging fixed electronics with live performance by four musicans to create a mesmerizing, immersive experience.

Since the focus of the 2012 Composer Alive project was electronics, we decided to feature other significant works inspired by the use of electronics on the final concert.  In addition to Liminal Bends, Palomar also performed Densitometer by Randall West, Freak Out by Molly Fishman, Density 21.5 by Edgard Varese (considered the Father of Electronic Music), and Synchronisms No. 9 by Mario Davidovsky. You can watch videos of the performance below. Thanks to videographer Kim Schlechter for the fantastic video work!