Thirsty Ears 2019 Program Info

Saturday, August 10

[expand title=”MAIN STAGE”]

1:00 [sg_popup id=”262″ event=”click”]ACM Student Showcase[/sg_popup]

2:00 [sg_popup id=129]PianoForte Piano Hour – Mio Nakamura[/sg_popup]

3:00 [sg_popup id=”111″ event=”click”]Tiffin Brothers[/sg_popup]

4:00 [sg_popup id=139]Liza Sobel/Nathan Canfield (soprano and piano)[/sg_popup]

5:00 [sg_popup id=130]Wurtz/Berger Duo[/sg_popup]

6:00 [sg_popup id=143]Marianne Parker & Megan Ihnen[/sg_popup]

7:00 [sg_popup id=131]Lakeshore Rush[/sg_popup]

8:00 [sg_popup id=138]~Nois Ensemble[/sg_popup]

9:00 [sg_popup id=”203″ event=”click”]Sound of Silent Film Festival[/sg_popup]

[expand title=”ALL SAINTS CHURCH”]

2:00 [sg_popup id=”189″ event=”click”]Terry Riley’s “In C” Laptop Ensemble Play-along[/sg_popup]

3:30 [sg_popup id=”204″ event=”click”]Joel Styzens[/sg_popup]

[expand title=”KID ZONE”]

1:30 Magic with Rob

2:00 [sg_popup id=”199″ event=”click”]Lucky Trikes[/sg_popup]

3:00 [sg_popup id=”259″ event=”click”]Instrument Petting Zoo with Traci Newhouse[/sg_popup]

4:00 [sg_popup id=”198″ event=”click”]Dawn-Marie‚Äôs Toddler Jam[/sg_popup]

5:00 Dinder Brothers Family Circus

6:00 Magic with Rob


Sunday, August 11

[expand title=”MAIN STAGE”]

1:00 [sg_popup id=132]Chicago Chamber Music Festival Young Performers[/sg_popup]

2:00 [sg_popup id=”268″ event=”click”]Douglas Johnson and Michael Miller[/sg_popup]

3:00 [sg_popup id=140]PianoForte Piano Hour – Lishan Xue[/sg_popup]

4:00 [sg_popup id=133]Picosa[/sg_popup]

5:00 [sg_popup id=136]Ravenswood Winds[/sg_popup]

6:00 [sg_popup id=134]Ian Maksin[/sg_popup]

7:00 [sg_popup id=135]Chicago Ensemble[/sg_popup]

8:00 [sg_popup id=141]1001 Afternoons in Chicago[/sg_popup]


[expand title=”ALL SAINTS CHURCH”]

3:00 [sg_popup id=”200″ event=”click”]Origin of Animal Classical Remix[/sg_popup]

4:30 [sg_popup id=”201″ event=”click”]Jeff Kowalkowski/Angela Zuniga[/sg_popup]

5:30 [sg_popup id=”258″ event=”click”]Flesh Vortex[/sg_popup]


[expand title=”KID ZONE”]

1:30 Magic with Rob

2:00 [sg_popup id=”259″ event=”click”]Instrument Petting Zoo with Traci Newhouse[/sg_popup]

3:00 [sg_popup id=”205″ event=”click”]Jennifer Viets[/sg_popup]

4:00 [sg_popup id=”202″ event=”click”]Story Corner with Lori Orlinsky[/sg_popup]

4:30 Dinder Brothers Family Circus

5:30 Magic with Rob