Lars Ebsworth

Lars Ebsworth is a Chicago-based actor/singer/dancer. Originally from Baltimore, Lars studied ballet, tap, jazz, modern, dance team competition styles, voice (choral singing, opera, musical theatre), children’s theatre, and piano, all of which eventually lead to their transition into the musical theatre world.

They graduated cum laude with BA’s in both Musical Theatre and Theatre (double minor in Music and Dance) from North Central College, and post-graduation has gained traction in the theatre scene that has lead to them being in numerous projects covered by Playbill, becoming the founding artistic director/lead producer of Trans Voices Cabaret CHI (the Chicago extension of the NYC show, Trans Voices Cabaret), and a fouding board member of Chicago Theatre Access Auditions (CTAA), a free general audition for Chicago-based non-equity actors to audition for Chicago’s top equity and non-equity houses.

Lars has been teaching dance since 2011 and has had a small studio of voice students since 2016 that specializes in preparing high school students for college auditions.   As someone who has been to voice/speech therapy and personally understands how one’s physical and mental state affects vocal health, Lars’ philosophy for teaching revolves around the most crucial part of sound production: the breath.

By instilling a solid understanding of the breathing process in tandem with how breath and sound production align to create pitch,  singers are able to move past physical or psychological-turned-physical sound barriers and focus on the performative aspects of their work.

Outside of performing, Lars spends time playing with their rescue Lhasa Apso/mix named Carter, watching murder trial documentaries, and inventing new recipes (good and bad).