Support the Necessary Monsters Album Launch

Necessary Monsters is a collaboration between composer/musician Carla Kihlstedt and poet Rafael Osés. It is a contemporary song cycle based on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges’ Book of Imaginary Beings — a collection of fantastical creatures culled from literary and mythological traditions around the world.

With an all-star 10-piece band as your guide, Necessary Monsters takes you on a psychological safari to visit with some of these chimeras living in the fertile landscape of our collective mind, each one a manifestation of our complicated humanness.

This show celebrates the long-awaited release of the Necessary Monsters limited edition book/album.

THE BAND: Carla Kihlstedt (violin/voice), Eddy Kwon (viola/voice), Emily Hope Price (cello/voice), Melissa Weikart (piano/voice), Marié Abe (accordion), Cole Kamen-Green (trumpet), Wendy Eisenberg (guitars), Jon Evans (bass/electric bass), Clara Warnaar (drums/percussion), Rafael Osés (narrator)