Streaming Link For Friday’s Sound of Silent Film Festival

ACM presents the 2020 Sound of Silent Film Festival featuring newly composed scores performed live to modern silent films.

Program one airs June 26 at 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern.


Demons Before Breakfast by Lauren McCune
Music by Jonathan Russell

Devil’s Food Cake by JohnBen Lacy and Mike Elsherif
Music by Seth Boustead

What If by Winnie Cheung
Music by Lynn Bechtold

Constructive Interference by John Akres
Music by Ursula Kwong-Brown and Danny Erdberg

Dysrhythmia by Alexander Bickford
Music by Sarah Wald

Listen to Me by Toacha Her
Music by: Conor Daly, Fiona Ffrench, Liam Lupescu, Lila Mora

Mantoru by Josh Stone and Kyle Flaherty
Music by Dominic Johnson and Jacob Greenberg

Get the F**K Outta Paris by Greg Emetaz
Music by Rob Steel