Sound of Silent Film Festival

SOSF_2013_IMAGE_ONLY_small-238x300For twelve years we’ve presented newly composed scores by our composer members performed live to modern silent films.  It’s a great way to bring contemporary classical music to new audiences, it’s a highly satisfying artistic collaboration and it’s a lot of fun.

“Of all the art forms, music takes the shortest route to the heart, and this is especially true of live music,” says acclaimed Canadian filmmaker, and SOSF 2011 alumnus Guy Maddin. “Something truly alchemical happens when film gets a live score.”

The world premiere is always in Chicago but we repeat the programs in New York and Mexico City as well.

Upcoming Sound of Silent Film events:
Chicago – 4/22
Mexico City – 4/29 and 4/30
New York – 5/12

Watch a video from previous Sound of Silent Film events!

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