Sound of Silent Film Festival Program Announced

We’re thrilled to announce the films chosen for our 12th annual Sound of Silent Film Festival on April 22nd at the Music Box Theater.  This year we received more than a hundred submissions from twelve different countries.

From this wealth of new films our review panel chose eight to make the final cut. Our composers are busy at work writing new scores for these films and on April 22nd we’ll give the world premiere performance of eight new film scores, live with the films.


For 2017 the films will be:

Soup by Steve Stein
– Music by Jonathan Hannau

G.M. by Martin Pickles
– Music by Randall West

Liminal by Dan Shellenbarger
– Music by Trevor Patrick Watkin

Life by Nick Bolton
– Music by Tim Corpus

Deja Vu Deluge by Jasper Lee
– Music by Ioannis Papaspyrou

Bolos by Peche Roberts
– Music by Greg Steinke

2028 by Jorge Mendes
– Music by Donny Walker

Edge of Alchemy by Stacey Steers
– Music by Rob Steel