Sound of Silent Film: Chicago 2014

SOSF_2015_posterSound of Silent Film turned ten in 2014 and we celebrated with an all new crop of modern silent films from directors around the world. Each film was scored by one of our composer members and the scores were performed live in the beautiful Music Box Theater.

The 2014 festival featured the World Premiere screening of Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Zare’s Junk Girl, inspired by a Tim Burton poem of the same name.  Due to strictures on the film industry from the Iranian government this film had never been publicly screened and had never had a musical score. Rob Steel’s new score is the first time music has been put to the film and it will be performed live!

Music Box Theater
3733 N. Southport Ave.
$20 door, $12 online, $8 students and seniors


Marquee by Brian Zahm
– music by Oren Boneh

Junk Girl by Mohammad Zare
– music by Rob Steel

Hitclown by Chris Mancini
– music by Brian Baxter


Pillow Girl by Ronnie Cramer
– music by Andrew Tham

Burial by Jon Paul Burkhart
– music by Jeffery Thomas

Into the Cave of Wonders by Manuel Benito de Valle
– music by Elizabeth Start

The West Begins at 5th Avenue by Donald Gray and Kryssa Schemmerling
– music by Joseph Buccheit

Watch a video from the 2014 festival!

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Alyson Berger – cello
Nathan Bojko – percussion
Sebastian Huydts – piano
Christie Miller – clarinet
Trevor Watkin – flute
Jeff Yang – violin


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