Sound of Silent Film: CAF Discount

SOSF-art onlyOur twelfth annual Sound of Silent Film Festival returns to the gorgeous Music Box Theater with an all-new program!

Featuring newly composed scores performed live to modern silent films from around the world, this one night only event is a don’t miss.

“Of all the art forms, music takes the shortest route to the heart, and this is especially true of live music,” says acclaimed Canadian filmmaker, and SOSF 2011 alumnus Guy Maddin. “Something truly alchemical happens when film gets a live score.”

Saturday, April 22 7:30 PM
Music Box Theater
3733 N. Southport Ave.
$10 for CAF!



Soup by Steve Stein
– Music by Jonathan Hannau

G.M. by Martin Pickles
– Music by Randall West

Liminal by Dan Shellenbarger
– Music by Trevor Patrick Watkin

Life by Nick Bolton
– Music by Tim Corpus

Deja Vu Deluge by Jasper Lee
– Music by Donny Walker

Bolos by Peche Roberts
– Music by Greg Steinke

2028 by Jorge Mendes
– Music by Ioannis Papaspyrou

Edge of Alchemy by Stacey Steers
– Music by Rob Steel


Chris Ramaekers – conductor

Eliza Bangert – flute
Alyson Berger – cello
Nathan Bojko – percussion
Sebastian Huydts – piano
Christie Miller – clarinet
Drew Williams – violin