Sound of Silent Film Festival 2019

ACM’s popular Sound of Silent Film Festival, now in its fourteenth year, returns to the lovingly restored Davis Theater with two all-new programs.

Featuring newly composed scores performed live to modern silent films from around the world, this one night only event is a don’t miss.

The 7:00 main show features films that have been meticulously scored and rehearsed with the music conducted live to the films.

The 9:30 “late night” show is a more experimental format with improvisation and composers performing their own music.

Saturday, April 20
Feature Presentation 7:00 PM
Late Night 9:30 PM

Davis Theater
4614 N. Lincoln Ave.
$25 – Feature, $15 – Late Night – $35 for both

Frames by Austin Kite (Drama)
– Music by Evan Farley
Max, an amateur photographer, overcomes having her heart broken by her girlfriend, Jess, while still cherishing the love she had.







Mr Segur by Jeff Johnson (Drama, Romance)
– Music by Sarah J. Ritch
A man quietly lives each day following the same routine until one day he meets a woman at a park who brings new meaning into his life.



Junk Girl by Mohammad Zare (Animated, Drama)
– Music by Rob Steel
Junk Girl is an Iranian animation created in Tabriz and adapted from the namesake poem by Tim Burton. Due to strictures in Iran on the film industry, this film has never been scored. Until the Sound of Silent Film Festival.


Ascending Double Helix by Vito Rowlands (Drama)
– Music by Roger Tréfousse
A man struggles with his faith and is caught between ascension and fall.





My Prisoners by Sebastien Blanchard (Drama)
– Music by Brandon Harrington
A writer struggles with what he keeps in his basement.






  1. HALL OF FISHES by Jennifer Boles (Documentary)
    – Music by Amy Wurtz
    HALL OF FISHES is an archival film about the webs of power and violence behind our desires to see, contain, and consume the ocean.




My Son Thomas by Alberto Santandrea (Drama)
– Music by Trevor Patrick Watkin
An American doctor moves to Italy to seek a cure for the fatal disease that took his son.





The Word Factory by Alex Laferriere (Comedy, Drama)
-Music by Donny Walker
Distance cannot separate two far-flung factory workers, words cannot describe their love.




Blackout Roulette by Alex Italics (Comedy)
– Music by
Things go from bad to worse for a nervous host when an unexpected power outage threatens to ruin his already lackluster dinner party. Will an impromptu game of risk satisfy the desperately disinterested guests?





Private Lives by Alexander Hagani (Drama)
A man with great fears about marriage finds himself on the day that he must propose.






Kushtaka by Cameron Currin (Drama)
Based in the 1900s, a recently widowed prospector remains alone in the Alaskan wilderness during his desperate search for gold. Something has been stalking him from the trees. Can he find his fortune and leave Alaska for good, or will he lose the only real valuable thing he has left, his own life?




Unknown by Mandy Work Wetzel and Shannon Metelko
“Unknown” is an experimental film that explores anxiety from inside the mind.





Tragedy of the Merry Andrew by Alexander Bickford (Comedy, Drama)
A movie about a clown, and his dog.








Perception Picnic by John Akre (Animated)
A brain and an eye go on a picnic.





Copy Shop by Virgil Widrich (Drama, Comedy)
The story of a man who copies himself until he fills up the entire world





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