Composer Alive: Jane O’Leary

janeOur second-ever Composer Alive collaboration was with Irish composer Jane O’Leary who wrote a wonderful piece for us called Sunshowers.

Jane really took advantage of the opportunity to work with the ensemble while she was writing the piece and sent “sound experiments” along with each installment, some of which made it into the piece and some did not.

The final piece is in four movements and was performed live at the Chicago Cultural Center in a concert at which Jane was present.

First Installment (Part one) recorded 5/30/07

First Installment (Part two) recorded 5/30/07

Second Installment recorded 6/24/07
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Third Installment recorded 7/29/07
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Fourth Installment (Part One) recorded 8/26/07
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Fourth Installment (Part Two) recorded 8/26/07

Final Performance recorded 10/21/07
Sunshowers Movement One

Sunshowers Movement Two

Sunshowers Movement Three

Sunshowers Movement Four