Composer Alive: Gabriela Ortiz

Mexico City composer Gabriela Ortiz was the recipient if the 2009 Composer Alive commission and she wrote a wonderful new piece for us!

In keeping with our Composer Alive format, Gabriela wrote the piece in four installments and emailed each installment as she wrote it so that Palomar could perform and record it in front of a live audience at the Mexican Consulate in Chicago.

This way of working gives the composer the freedom to try new ideas and to really get to know the ensemble, but it also gives the audience the chance to read her comments on her creative process and hear the piece from its first drafts, through rewrites to the finished product.

The final piece is called De Animos y Quebrantos and we hope you’ll listen to each installment and read Gabriela’s comments and explore her sound world.


First Installment recorded 5/24/09
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Second Installment recorded 6/20/09
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Third Installment recorded 7/20/09
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Fourth Installment recorded 8/29/09 in Mexico City in the presence of the composer

Final Performance recorded 10/12/09