Composer Alive – Will Rowe

Will Rowe is the recipient of our 2019 Composer Alive commission.

In keeping with our Composer Alive format, Will  is writing a new piece in three installments to be  performed and recorded in front of a live audience and then we’ll perform the World Premiere of the new piece in the spring of 2019.

The piece is called Commercial Etudes.

“The Commercial Études are a glimpse into the world of earworms and music that exists for reasons other than art. There was a VHS tape in my family containing assorted TV commercials from the 1950s, which we watched at almost every visit to my grandparents’ house growing up. Since jingles aren’t commonly used as advertising tools in todays world, it’s taken until now to realize how intriguing and unique it is to forge such a  relationship between tiny bits of music and the sale of a product or brand.

20 years later, the jingles are still stuck in my head, but the music locked in there has evolved with my own growth since childhood. The piece is a great opportunity for me not only to take a step back and really consider what makes these jingles so memorable, but also to repurpose and recycle this music, breaking away from its original purpose as utilitarian sales music and retrofitting it into something more conventionally suited for the concert hall.”

First Installment – December 16, 2018 Cornelia Street Cafe
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Tragically our videographer for this performance passed away suddenly the day after the concert and so we only have audio for the first installment at Cornelia Street but you can watch the first installment video from Le Poisson Rouge below.

Second Installment
– January 17, 2019 Le Poisson Rouge

Third Installment – March 31, 2019 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

World Premiere – TBD

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