Composer Alive: Stephane Delplace

In 2008 we collaborated with French composer Stephane Delplace for our third Composer Alive project.

Stephane wrote a large-scale ensemble piece for us and emailed it as he wrote it in four installments.  Each installment was recorded in front of a live audience at the Chicago Cultural Center and then posted to our website.

This way of working allows the composer to hear his ideas brought to life in real time and gives him freedom to take risks, and it also allows an audience to hear a piece of music written from first draft, through rewrites to the finished product thereby giving them an inroad into  the composer’s creative process.

Click on a soundcloud link below to hear the piece, titled Sextet, develop and we hope you’ll also read the composer comments about his process.

Read about Stephane


First Installment recorded 5/18/08
Read composer comments

Second Installment recorded 6/22/08
Read composer comments

Third Installment recorded 7/20/08
Read composer comments

Fourth Installment recorded 8/17/08

Final Performance recorded 10/05/08 at the Chicago Cultural Center