Composer Alive: Poland

In 2015 our Composer Alive collaboration was with Agnieszka Stulginska of Warsaw Poland.  In keeping with our Composer Alive format, Ms. Stulginska wrote a new piece, Dance With My Breath, in three installments for our Palomar ensemble to perform and record between January and March and the World Premiere was performed in April.

Each of the installment recordings took place in front of a live audience with video posted to our website shortly afterward along with comments from the composer regarding her process.

The idea behind Composer Alive is to give the composer the chance to hear the piece played as she writes it, to give her the freedom to try out new things and get to know the ensemble and also to give an audience the chance to hear a new piece of music develop from its first idea, through the rewrites, to the finished product and read composer comments along the way.

The final version of the piece was recorded live in concert at the Copernicus Center on April 10, 2015 with the composer in attendance.  Below are videos from the concert.  Click here to listen to each installment of Dance With My Breath.

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