1001 Afternoons in Chicago

1001_Afternoons_Poster_smallIn 2013 we partnered with one of Chicago’s most renowned storefront theater companies, Strawdog Theater, to adapt several stories by legendary Chicago journalist Ben Hecht into a radio play for live music and voices.

Little did we know at the time how far this project would go!  Since the premiere at Architectural Artifacts we’ve recorded a CD version, made a film version that was shown on PBS and performed it live on Chicago Public Radio.

But on this night it was brand new for all of us.


Grass Figures 1
Don Quixote and His Last Windmill
Grass Figures 2
Thumbnail Lotharios
Grass Figures 3
Dapper Pete and the Sucker Play
Grass Figures 4
The Mother
Clocks and Owl Cars
Grass Figures 5

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Music by Seth Boustead and Amos Gillespie.
Francesco Milioto – Musical Artistic Director
Anderson Lawfer – Theatrical Direction

Stories by Ben Hecht

Adaptation and narration by Strawdog Theater company


Performed by:
Alyson Berger – cello
Doug Johnson – bass
Francesco Milioto – conductor
Christie Miller – clarinets
Trevor Watkin – flute
Jeff Yang – violin