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Trumpet lessons at ACM focus on key fundamentals such as proper posture, breathing techniques, developing an embouchure (mouth to mouthpiece technique) and sound production. These trumpet fundamentals are taught hand in hand with core musical concepts such as rhythm, theory and improvisation.

Lessons will utilize materials and methods from jazz and classical music, including listening to trumpet masters from all genres of music ranging from Miles Davis to Philip Smith. We welcome all ages and ability levels.

Half hour private lessons are $33 and we’re on a monthly enrollment so it’s $132 per 4-week month.  45 and 60 minute lessons are also available. Trumpet lessons are available in Rogers Park. Call us today!



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7002 N. Western Ave.

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Trumpet Teachers

Our teachers have a combined 225 years of music teaching experience and are all active in performance or composition. Whatever you're looking for, we have the teacher for you.