Past Productions (by name)

ACM has produced a wide variety of events every year since our first production, Weekly Readings, back in 2004. All of our events are designed to be collaborative, to foster the creation of new music and to reach new audiences in pursuit of our goal of presenting contemporary classical music as a global, diverse and thriving art form.

Some of our productions were one-off events like Rags, Stomps and Strides while others like the Sound of Silent Film Festival and the Thirsty Ears Street Festival have become fixtures of the Chicago cultural scene.  In recent years we’ve begun producing our more popular events in other cities and have branched out to New York, Austin, Barcelona and Mexico City.

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1001 Afternoons in Chicago
Acoustic Resonances
Best of Weekly Readings
Composer Alive: Daniel
Composer Alive: Lunsqui
Composer Alive: O’Leary
Composer Alive: Ortiz
Composer Alive: Stulginska
Doors Open Milwaukee  
Eastern Expressions
Empty Bottle
Global Connections: Korea
Global Connections: Catalonia
Global Connections: Ireland
Gnarly Buttons
Goblin Market
Haunted Landscapes
Light Games
Live at Millennium Park
Mostly American
Music of Patricia Morehead
New Beginnings
Newspaper Blackout Poems
Open House Chicago
Rags, Stomps and Stride
Songs About Buildings and Moods 
Sounds from the Floating World
Sound of Silent Film
Spring Spectacular
Ten x Ten
Thirsty Ears Street Festival
Vanishing Point
Weekly Readings



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