Past Concerts

ACM has been giving a regular concert season in Chicago every year since 2006.  Our concerts are performed by members of our resident Palomar Ensemble and by talented freelance musicians and have taken place in diverse neighborhoods throughout the city.

In keeping with our mission, our concert season seeks to perform contemporary music at the highest level and bring it to new audiences in fun, accessible settings that encourage post-concert conversation.

Over the years we have performed at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Architectural Artifacts, the University of Chicago, Constellation, the Copernicus Center and even in our own storefront music schools.

Our concerts have included major works by major figures in contemporary music alongside music by emerging and unknown composers.  We frequently collaborate with other artists to present multi-disciplinary works and most of our concerts feature at least one World Premiere of a commissioned piece from our composer members.

Starting in 2012 we began taking our popular events like the Sound of Silent Film Festival to other cities like New York and Austin and in 2015 we began a series of international concert exchanges in Korea, Catalonia and Ireland.  Increasingly we see our work spreading beyond Chicago and anticipate producing and facilitating more concerts in other cities in the coming years.

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