Open House Chicago 2014

Presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Open House Chicago is a free, city-wide, behind-the-scenes look at many of the city’s great places and spaces. 150 buildings are chosen each year and include repurposed mansions, hidden rooms, sacred spaces, private clubs, iconic theatres, offices, hotels and more—all for free.

Since its inception in 2011, Access Contemporary Music has worked with the Architecture Foundation to “activate” four of the sites with music by commissioning composers to write music inspired by the spaces.  We then have musicians in the spaces performing the music approximately every fifteen minutes during the day.

This year we’ll have composers writing music for four sites including:

  • The Zhou Brothers Art Center (music by Beth Bradfish)
  • The Elks Memorial Building (music by Elizabeth Start)
  • The Loop Synagogue  (music by Joe Buchheit)
  • The Museum of Surgical Sciences  (music by Michael Miller)

The music will be performed approximately every 20 minutes between noon and 3:00 PM in each of the four sites, except for the Loop Synagoge, on Saturday, October 19.

In 2014 we had composers writing music for five sites including:

  • The  DIRTT Building: music by Gabriel Malancioiu performed by Myra Hinrichs and Nora Barton
  • The Airstream: music by Jeff Morris performed by Dan Williams and Jon Cegys
  • The Graham Foundation: music by Katrina Burton performed by Jason Raynovich and Maria Storm
  •  Union Station:  music by Tim Corpus performed by Christie Miller and Desiree Miller
  • Tip Top Tap Ballroom: music by Greg Steinke performed by Doug Johnson and Amos Gillespie

The music was performed approximately every 15 minutes in each of the four sites on Saturday, October 18 or Sunday October 19 including at:

Saturday, October 18 12:00 to 3:00 PM
DIRTT Building at 325 N. Wells
The Airstream at 1807 W. Sunnyside (roof)
The Graham Foundation at 4 W. Burton Place

Saturday, October 18 1:00 to 45:00 PM
Tip Top Tap at 701 N. Michigan Ave.

Sunday, October 19 12:00 to 3:00 PM
Union Station at S. Riverside Plaza
Free and open to all ages!

Watch the videos from Open House Chicago 2014 below


Christie Miller – clarinet
Desiree Miller – cello
Tim Corpus – composer

Amos Gillespie – saxophone
Doug Johnson – double bass
Greg Steinke – composer

Maria Storm – violin
Jason Raynovich – cello
Katrina Burton – composer

Myra Hinrichs – violin

Nora Barton – cello

Gabi Malancioiu – composer

Dan Williams – clarinet

Jon Cegys – bass

Jeff Morris – composer


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