Open House Chicago 2013

Organized by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Open House Chicago (OHC) is an annual weekend festival of free behind-the-scenes access to many of Chicago’s greatest places and spaces.

In 2013 ACM partnered with the foundation to have composers write music inspired by 4 of the spaces and musicians to play the music every 15 minutes or so on the day of the event.


The Elk’s Memorial Building
Music by Elizabeth Start

Performed by:
Desiree Miller – cello
Alicia Poot – flute


The International Museum of Surgical Sciences
Music by Michael Miller

Performed by:
Alyson Berger – cello
Jeff Yang – violin


Loop Synagogue

Music by Joseph Buchheit

Performed by:
Conner Hollingsworth – bass
Anthony Sobun – bass




Zhou B. Art Center

Music by Beth Bradfish

Performed by Christie Miller – clarinet




Videos coming soon!


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