New Video: The First Installment of our Composer Alive Collaboration with David Smooke

First Installment: recorded 9/12/2017

Alyson Berger – cello
Kathleen Carter – violin
Cory Tiffin – clarinet
Trevor Patrick Watkin – flute
Amy Wurtz – piano

Read composer comments for the first installment


We’re thrilled to announce that composer David Smooke is the recipient of our 2017 Composer Alive commission!

In keeping with our Composer Alive format, David will write a new piece in three installments for our musicians to perform and record and then we’ll perform the World Premiere of the new piece in May at the Davis Theater for a concert that David will attend.

Each of the installment recordings will take place in front of a live audience with video posted to our website shortly afterward along with comments from the composer regarding his process.  

Read about David

Second Installment will be recorded on 2/5/2018