New Composer Reading Posted for Nailah Nombeko

Musical Philosophy:

My compositional aesthetic is mainly influenced by classical and contemporary jazz. I’m constantly looking for new influences from around the world. One important aspect of my development as a composer is the exploration of key relationships through polytonality and weaving through different keys. I play with maintaining a tonal center (at times) without committing to a key. There is a certain freedom in my compositions when I don’t commit to a key.

Rhythm is the driving force of my music. I always aim to keep my music rhythmically interesting through polyrhythmic exploration. Rhythmic and melodic independence between different instruments (in an ensemble) speaking independently, as a group and in conversation sometimes finishing each other’s sentences, similar to dialogue. I aim to have constant interaction, never stagnant.

Musical Upbringing:

I come from a musical family. My mother is a musician and so was my grandmother. My grandmother came to NY in the early 20th century to study at the Institute of Musical Art. My mother noticed my talent at an early age and enrolled me in music lessons. At the age of five I composed a piece that I used as one of my audition pieces for Manhattan School of Music Pre-College. There was music constantly flowing in my house with somebody practicing either my mother or me.

Non-musical Interests:

I like to shop at Whole Foods. I love, love, love sweets and feel that my day is not complete unless I have something sweet with a cup of coffee!! My favorite flavor of coffee is Mocha Java (from Whole Foods).