Integrating Musical Creativity into Everyday Life

ACM works with talented free-lance musicians in Barcelona, Chicago, Milwaukee and New York to bring our production season to life.  We also partner with existing ensembles in these and other cities when we can to produce programs like Composer Alive, Sound of Silent Film and Open House.

Here are the musicians we are proud to be working with during the 2016-2017 production season.


Monica Mari – cello

Eliza Bangert – flute
Alyson Berger – cello 
Sebastian Huydts – piano 
Christie Miller – clarinet 
Jeff Yang – violin 


Ben Adler – clarinet 
Emma Koi – flute 
Kristian Ring – cello 
Alicia Storin – cello 
Peter Thomas – cello 
Elizabeth Warne – violin 


New York

Xak Bjerken – piano 
Hristina Blagoeva – flute 
Christopher Graham – percussion