Donny Walker

Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator & Producer Donny Walker has done music editorial & music engraving work for The Chicago Symphony, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Lincoln Symphony and The Bari Symphonic Orchestra. He’s composed, arranged, orchestrated and produced hours of performance content for Full Score Chamber Orchestra, Lake Forrest Civic Orchestra & many other local Chicago music organizations.

He was a production assistant for HARPO on the Rosie O’Donnell show and has performed with world class talent including: Aretha Franklin, The Ojays, the Dells, in addition to many local Chicago: religious, performance, schools & media organizations. Studio album-wise, he’s professionally produced content for The Quazi-Exotix and Ron Arden’s The Voice of Love as well as scoring educational content for NEIU & West Point School of Music for brass band, big band, wind ensemble, choir & steel pan ensemble as well as many other educational institutions.

Film composition & production credits thus far include; The Swim Coach, The Dig, Perfectly Unhealthy, The Percentages, Be Safe, and he’s currently on contract to score & produce music for: Blac, Brothers in Arms and feature length film The Low End (mixed in 5.1 surround sound) which will be recorded by Full Score Chamber Orchestra, as well as a few other films currently in the works

In 2015 he arranged & orchestrated Mark Ridge’s full length 1940’s musical comedy 43rd street. In October 2016, he had the 3rd & 4th performances of his children’s orchestral education show for Full Score Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Ron Arden, around 2000 kids/teachers & administrators came out to see the show. This live edutainment production combines live synchronized films, comic books & dance a-longs with multi-genre orchestration, sound design, virtuosic soloists & narration to inspire/educate kids by showing them the collaborative potential with mixed media.

In February of 2017 Full Score Chamber Orchestra will be premiering his 4 movement concerto for percussion soloist playing over 60 different instruments, accompanied by orchestra (he’s proud to make this one historically & politically accurate). Currently, he’s arranging & orchestrating a multitude of multi-genre quad-antiphonal brass & metal-based percussion for NEIU’s 2017 brass fest on Saturday March 11th, styles include pop, jazz, rock, R&B, Soul & classic film score arrangements, around 40-50 brass musicians will participate.

Education-wise he’s finalizing a master’s degree in Music Pedagogy at NEIU and specializing in low brass/ Alto/Tenor/Bass/Contrabass Trombone & sackbut. He is head music supervisor & part owner of Mind Exchange Music LLC (, a full service sound & music production out of Rogers Park his partner is Kelly Askam. We have collaborated & worked together on projects of all shapes and sizes for around 8 years now, we love working on unique projects so feel free to find & reach out and see what Mind Exchange Music can do for you.

Donny was commissioned by ACM in 2017 and 2018 for the Sound of Silent Film Festival.