Composer Members

Navigating the Contemporary Waters

Sarah’s music and her path as a composer demonstrate skillful navigation through the multi-faceted waters of contemporary music.  She has benefited greatly from having composition teachers with very different approaches, from highly unconventional to very conservative and tonal.  Her unique style developed as these teachers introduced her to new conceptual approaches and techniques and pushed her to evaluate her own aesthetics and artistic identity.

Sarah recognizes that there are new areas in music very much worth exploring, yet she feels that there are still many new things to be done with harmony, counterpoint, and traditional musical forms.  As she focuses on reinventing these elements, Sarah brings her own distinct pitch language to the table.  About her music she says “I search for ways to create non-tonal melodies and chord progressions that are new, yet still colorful, logical, and moving.”  

If you had asked her as a child what she wanted to be, she would have said “an astronaut!”, but she surprised both herself and her family by choosing composition.  She feels that her most influential opportunities have been the many festivals she has attended as well as her studies at Columbia College in NY and at the San Francisco Conservatory.  Sarah is thankful for the invaluable support and constructive criticism of her family and especially her mother.

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