Agnieszka Stulgińska

Agnieszka Stulgińska was born in Ostrołęka, Poland. She graduated from the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk, Poland in 2006, where she studied composition under the direction of Mr. Krzysztof Olczak. At the same time she completed her composition studies at the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst Lemmeninstitut in Leuven, Belgium. She then went on to complete her post-graduate studies under the direction of Professor Luc van Hove at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, Belgium under a scholarship from the Government of Belgium. In 2012 she completed her post-graduate studies in Film Music and Visual Arts at the Academy of Music in Łódź, Poland.

Agnieszka Stulgińska has received numerous awards including: 1st place in the Musicconversation competition in Georgetown, Texas, and the 3rd place at the 46th Tadeusz Baird Competition in Warsaw, Poland. Her composition was chosen to be performed for CCO (Cayuga Chamber Orchestra) Composer Showcase in Ithaca, New York. She also participated in a four year program to promote young composers which was organized by the European Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Musicin Lusławice, Poland.

Her compositions were performed during numerous festivals all over the world by such artists as: Kwartludium, Lutosławski Piano Duo, Neoquartet, Prometheus Ensemble, I Solisti del Vento, Elise Artoisenet & Marie-Noelle Betce Piano Duo, Silesian Chamber Orchestra, Warsaw Contemporary Ensemble, Kwadrofonik, Lux:NM, Cayuga Chamber Orchestra and Progress Chamber Orchestra.

Mr. Marcin Strzelecki best characterizes her work when he said: “Agnieszka Stulgińska’s output is, strictly speaking, the music of our times. Her pieces are enveloped in the sonic aura of municipal spaces, street noises, sounds familiar to every inhabitant of a big city. This music does not refrain from fascination with other art areas, multimedia included. The artist works in cooperation with film directors, photographers, designers, image creators and choreographers. As a teacher, Agnieszka undertakes creative work with children and young people, especially during workshops where music is written as an illustration to fairy tales and legends from Scandinavia, as well as the Pomerania and Kurpie Regions in Poland.”

Agnieszka was the recipient of ACM’s 2014 Composer Alive commission for which she wrote the piece Dance With My Breath.