Steinke, Greg

Artists often find it amazing how disparate aspects of life can tie in and enrich one’s work.  In his multi-faceted experience in the field of music, Greg Steinke has certainly embodied this truth.  When asked about his major influences and opportunities, he speaks of the mix of great performing experiences, conducting, world travel, arts administration work and family life from which he has built a rich musical understanding as a composer.

This mixing of art forms is matched in Greg’s music by the sources and material that he chooses.  He tends to use music as a metaphorical representation inspired by poetry and visual art, especially including those of other cultures.  In his own words: “My studies of Native American music and cultures, the Japanese Internment Camp experience and a profound concern for the human condition in the world have all been tremendous influences on my music along with earlier influences derived from Bartok, Stravinsky, Berg, Crumb and Webern.”

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