Steel, Robert

Classical music, like everything else in the world, has evolved. It has changed itself in new and exciting ways as the world has changed. If you looked at a young Robert Steel at age seven, struggling with the organ, you would never imagine what he would become. Fast forward many years later and his body of work is stunning.

In this every changing world Robert has made his place, navigating the world of digital media. In his younger years Robert was given the opportunity to work in video creating music for commercial advertising. From there he was plunged into the world of Movie Scoring. He has successfully been scoring films for the past ten years, and currently works closely with his collaborator and friend, Meghann Artes. Through his close relationship with her his music as evolved in ways not even he could imagine, being the driving force behind so much of his creative output.

Robert’s inspiration comes from the people around him. While other composers flourish in isolation, being all consumed by their ideas and work, Robert loves to work with others. He is a man who is inspired by the challenges that others present to him and working with them to create art.

His music is not meant for a concert hall, but instead for a theater. Pulling from his love of creating a musical narrative to a visual story, his work grows and breaths before your eyes. His music has touched many, and his experiences will continue to grow those around him, as he fosters the brains and hearts of all he teaches.

ACM commissioned Rob in 2014 for the Sound of Silent Film Festival.