Gary Rubio

Gary Rubio received his Master in Music Composition from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he studied under Rick Baitz and Don DiNicola. Although his postgraduate studies focused on film music, he has also done some commercial work and concert pieces that have been performed at local venues.

Gary was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and lived in Bonaire and Ecuador before coming to the United States in 2003. His first exposure to music came through the recorder lessons that he received as a prize for winning a drawing competition when he was eight years old.

Later he taught himself to play the guitar and became a fan of many genres of music, from rock and jazz, to Colombian folk. He aims to make music that expresses and evokes emotion and is characterized by a simple elegance and multicultural aesthetic.

Gary lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, Sarah, a writer and editor of children’s books; his two young sons, Gabriel and Adan; two neurotic cats; and a 120-pound white dog. When not composing music, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing board games, gardening, and watching soccer (otherwise known as real football).

Gary was commissioned by ACM in 2018 for the Sound of Silent Film Festival.