Rania Chrysostomou

It was at the university where Rania first accepted the extraordinary power music has when placed with a moving image. Since then she devoted her studies to expand her talent in composition for performing arts; film, games, dance, media.

She is fascinated by the fact that music will elevate an image applying to it a different level of perceiving it. Rania is a multidisciplinary personality and artist and that is an attribute in her work.
She has trained in various dance styles mainly focusing on contemporary, ballet and ballroom.

She will see the movement of her sound, feel it through her body, and explain it musically.
The Musician. Rania has studied piano, saxophone and harpsichord. Each instrument has a distinguish character, sound and way of manipulation. Inspiration needs to find you playing.

Rania teaches music to students of all ages, from 6 months to 60+. Through learning the discipline of music and composition expands. Teaching through investigation and experimentation the teacher and the student unlock possibilities that otherwise might have been unseen.

ACM commissioned Rania for Doors Open Milwaukee in 2018.