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An outsiders perception on life

“Music is the way how I perceive life. I try to find music in all of the aspects of my life.  Writing music for me is like writing daily diaries.  I understand music as a kind of language for communication.”

An introduction to music did not come early for Jakub Polaczyk. Growing up in a home lacking musical instruments he was not first exposed to music until the age of eight. Finding a cassette recording of music by F. Chopin, Jakub fell into a deep love affair with music.  After his interest was sparked he would seek out other music, finding the Beatles.

As a child he would watch the movie “Imagine”, which was about John Lennon’s life and his music. From this moment on Jakub could not live his life with an absence of music any longer. In High school he wrote a composition for himself and his brother to play in a competition. Jakub played the piano, his brother the saxophone. He won.

Jakub traveled to Krakow after high school, he would spend his days listening to the orchestral music and operas he could find there. At this point Orchestral music became his love. Originally Jakub attended the Music Academy of Musicology for piano.  His professor Marek Stachowski had different plans for him. After hearing Jakub play music that he had written Marek urged him to change his focus and go into composition.

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