Linda Ostrander

“I belong to the generation of women that wanted to have it all–marriage, family, and career.”

Linda has lived a busy life as an educator, musician and homemaker, yet she is still a prolific composer. Everywhere she and her husband, tenor Edmund Ostrander, lived and taught, they established ties with the community. Linda composed for Music in Maine, the Northeast Chamber Orchestra, the Portland Symphony and Young Audiences of Massachusetts.

As a young composer, wife, and mother sympathetic to the difficulties of women composers, she advocated through her leadership, presentations, and writing for American Women Composers, the International League of Women Composers, The National League of American Pen Women, and WomanSong International. This was in addition to doctoral study, teaching, serving as academic dean at several colleges and raising two daughters. This breadth of experience helped shape Linda into the person she is today—one who combines administrative abilities with skills as a composer and writer.

In 2014 she published Between Mothers and Daughters, a Collection of Poems and Lyrics across Generations (with family contributors). In May 2016 The Princess Who Could Be You, Book 1, will be released in print (Amazon) and various e-book formats. She has composed nine works for piano, nine works for orchestra, five electro-acoustic pieces, six multi-movement choral/vocal works, two oratorios, music for theater, dance, chamber ensemble, and solo voice, as well as music for children and instruction. She is the recipient of numerous commissions and awards including three from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Now retired after fifty years of college teaching, Linda continues to write poetry, stories and music. She is currently reaching out to organizations in search of performance opportunities and commissions. She is particularly interested in composing music for architectural spaces, dance, film, theatre and art exhibits. Reflecting on her full life with a loving husband, family, and busy career, Linda commented,

“I loved every minute of my ‘incredible journey’, and I wouldn’t want to have missed out on my 57-year marriage to a very supportive man, two beautiful, talented daughters and wonderful grandchildren. I wanted to have it all and I did! But it wasn’t easy! I hope it becomes easier in the future for all those young women composers with similar goals.”

Linda worked with ACM in 2015 on Doors Open Milwaukee

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