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A touch of Spain in the USA

“Composition to me is the most intimate and sincere means of expression.”

Jorge Muniz grew up in a home surrounded by classical music. His youth spent in Spain is peppered with memories of the conservatory, where he started to study at the age of six. Growing up in Asturnias, which is in the north of Spain Jorge has always had a deep connection with music, an important part of the language there. It was not until he came to the United States that his mind was completely opened to a multitude of music styles, which have been making their way into his own musical voice.

Jorge is a talented, and touching composer. He pulls not only from the world around him, but also from his life as a Spaniard. With this background comes the color and the long tradition of vernacular music from Spain. He also pulls the new traditions of folklore from the United States, where he currently resides. When asked about the style of his music he comments “his blend of elements brings the passion and rawness of cante hondo or tonada, seen in singers from Spain. I also incorporate the fluidity and drive of musics such as motown, funk, or hip-hop, all within the framework of classical concert music composition.”