Gabriel Malancioiu

Gabriel Malancioiu began his life in music much later than one would expect. In his teenage years he first picked up the guitar. This one decision has helped shape his life into what it is today. Branching out from guitar he then began to study classical guitar, which he studies to this day. Gabriel attributes the guitar’s unique timbre as an influence in his options of orchestration. Though the guitar may have been his gateway into composing, life in general is his inspiration.

A key moment in his life as a composer was a summer course in Murzzuschlag, Austria. Being surrounded by other talented artists, teachers, and nature in itself led to a grueling regiment of composition. The challenge would not be an easy one, but the rewards fruitful. Upon the completion of the course Gabriel had a piece he wrote played by members of Klangforum Wien, one of the best ensembles from Europe, who specialize in playing contemporary music.

When it comes to Gabriel’s music itself not one piece is the same as the next. Pulling inspiration from the world around him shapes his music in different ways each time he sits down. In Gabriel’s opinion the present artistic community is the perfect place for him. “Considering the endless stylistic possibilities encountered in the present times, I think that today every composer can feel at home, regardless of his aesthetic orientation.”

Gabriel was commissioned by ACM in 2014 for the Sound of Silent Film Festival and Open House Chicago and again in 2016 for Open House Barcelona.