Asta Hyvärinen

Asta has been working as a freelance composer since 1992.  Her list of work consists of more than  100 compositions representing all categories: vocal music, solo pieces, chamber works, works for mixed ensembles, concertos, orchestral works, electro-acoustic music and work for stages.

Her music has been broadcast and performed at festivals and concerts in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Canada in following events: Núcleo Música Nova, Festival Afekt, Biennale Cologne, Ung Nordisk Musik, Asian Music Week, Bergstadtsommers Festival, Neue Musik im Ostseeraum, among others.

Asta was commissioned by ACM for the 2017 Doors Open Milwaukee collaboration. She wrote music for the Two Fifty building in downtown Milwaukee, performed in the building throughout the day.