Hannah Greene

Hannah Greene’s introduction to music was a young one. When she was five years old her sister received a toy piano for Christmas. Soon it became Hannah’s, not her sister’s, favorite toy. She would sit in front of the small thing, hammering out notes and putting together chords.

Her parents, recognizing her love of piano, purchased one for the home when she was 12. Her determination for the instrument brought her to level three before she took formal piano lessons. She did not consider composing until she was 16 years old and she could not find a piano piece to express her feelings. In lieu of searching further, she composed one herself.

Hannah enjoys writing music that correspond to stories, poetry, art, emotion, scenery, or Biblical references. With a broad spectrum of interests, she has written music for single instruments, small ensembles, full orchestra, the theater, film, documentaries, and choir. She finds an enjoyment in writing for theater, film and documentaries, and always is looking to do more in this area.

When Hannah writes she loves to explore the collaboration aspect of music. The shared experience between composer, artist, and audience. Her passion for the theater has carried over to more than just her music. She is currently the House Manager for the University of Denver Theater Department and serves as the Music Director and Choir Conductor at Skyview Presbyterian Church.

Hannah was commissioned by ACM in 2016 for Doors Open Milwaukee.

To learn more check out her Website: Click here!