Amos Gillespie

Amos Gillespie has been playing saxophone since the age of eight. This love of music, which began after school during the fourth grade, has carried him to a fruitful career. It has inspired him at every turn in his life in Chicago, where both the music being written as well as his urban environment and its influences have inspired him to create works of art. In high school he attended The Mile High Jazz Festival in Bolder, Colorado, and was given a solo ballad feature with the big band in which he played, “My One and Only Love”. It was that early experience that contributed to his fearless commitment to making music his career.

Amos began composing music in college, where he wrote a large saxophone quartet piece for a composition recital. From that springboard, he has launched himself into the music community head first. When asked about being a composer he comments, “It’s intoxicating to be around people who love living their life, and to a great extent that is very much the music community in Chicago.

So my unexpected turns are constantly happening through the new friendships I make, different events and collaborations.” This intoxication can only come from what he describes as the “anything goes” type of melting pot that contemporary music has exploded into. Amos’ love and commitment to Chicago’s music scene is evident with the music he puts to paper.

Amos was commissioned by ACM to write a score for the Sound of Silent Film Festival in 2014.