Ed Windels

Ed Windels was born in Brooklyn, raised in Brussels and Bronxville, and has since 1991 resided in the area of New York City historically known as Bloomingdale. This alliterative domecile pattern may have a correlation to his unfortunate predilection for the works of Richard Wagner, with their alliterative libretti, and the lengthy, chewier Teutonic operatic repertoire in general.

All of which may have influenced his tendency to ignore the current vogue for small, short, easily disposable pieces and create the sort of large-scale, broad-scoped works that cause both performers and presenters to blanch. Or possibly not.

The first known (or at least acknowledged) member of either side of his family to display any artistic inclination, Mr. Windels squandered his youth in dilettante explorations of most of the fine and performing arts, before dismaying his parents by devoting his studies full time to the most unreliable and ephemeral, classical music.

After a year at the Juilliard school, he completed his studies at the Mannes College of Music, earning both Bachelors and Masters degrees in composition in just three years. Having no illusions regarding the challenges of earning a living in classical composingĀ and little to no ability as a performer of any kind, he has joined the ranks of artists – some of them quite eminent – creating in their spare time while making their principle living in non-artistic forums. A subject on which he hasĀ become something of an advocate.