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Questions about our world

“I admit that I am not a ‘leading edge’ composer – I do not consider it necessary to write music that is ultra modern or avant guard. I prefer my compositions to communicate to an audience in a musical language that is appropriate to the age in which we live.”

Malcolm Dedman began studying piano at an early age, swiftly moving on to study both violin and vocals. His first plunge into composition was at the young age of twelve, where he began teaching himself about contemporary music. During his teen years Malcolm would spend hours listening to, reading about, and exploring music. After high school Malcolm did not go into music, as one might think, but instead acquired a degree in Applied Physics and worked as an electronic design engineer. Though he did not abandon music completely, instead he went into teaching music privately full time.

In his late 20s he perused his passion for music even further and began studying formally at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Though he was an avid writer and musician, it took completing his masters degree in composition to give him the courage to promote his music on an international scale.
Malcolm’s music is an exploration of the world around him. When composing a new piece he searches for answers, answers about “emotional, spiritual or social concepts, asking questions about, for example, peace in the world and in our relationships.” Not only has he been influenced by other musicians, but Malcolm draws inspiration from his time living in rural Africa when creating.

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