Adam Cole

” I learn from my creative life how to grow as a full person.  If I succeed in either one, I will feel I have ultimately succeeded in everything.”

Adam Cole began his compositional studies at Oberlin College, where he listened to and performed a great deal of traditional and avant garde music.  Returning to Atlanta, he published a book of compositions entitled Ballet Music for the Dance Accompanist which continues to be a seminal work in the ballet community.  Upon joining ACM, he took as many opportunities as he could to write chamber and film music.
In describing his particular style, Adam explains, “I am trying to answer the questions that the masters of 100 years ago answered from the perspective of someone who has far more information than they did.  As a music educator, I’ve had the opportunity to be influenced by folk and pop music from the United States and around the world that I have taught to my kids, as well as the masterpieces of Classical and Jazz.  If I fit in to the contemporary music scene, it’s because people know and trust my music.” Ultimately, Adam sees music composition as a path to self-understanding.
Adam has been commissioned by ACM in 2016 for Doors Open Milwaukee and for the Sound of Silent Film Festival.



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