Katrina Burton

Katrina Burton is inspired by an avid appreciation of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. She often explores the design and geographical locations of buildings to compose new pieces. She does not stop there!

Katrina often will search out floor plans and height to help guide her into creating a new piece of music. When you listen to her work you will notice the ridged, yet flowing aspect of her music. Much like a tall high rise, which leads into a courtyard with a koi pond. Katrina takes you on a tour of her mind with every note.

Composing has not come without hardships. For the last 15 years Katrina has suffered from tinnitus and sever hearing loss. Yet this has not defeated her! Instead, she has taken to exploring scoring for lower sounding instruments and to investigate the lower register of certain instruments.

She even remarks when asked on this, ” While I would ideally like to have all instruments and registers at my disposal, this restriction has resulted in some interesting combinations of instruments that I might never have explored.”

Katrina was commissioned by ACM in 2015 for Open House Chicago for which she wrote this wonderful piece performed in Mies van der Rohe’s Carr Chapel.