Oren Boneh

“[Music] has brought me to wonderful places in the world and has inspired me to always ask questions and find beauty in even the simplest of things. “

Oren Boneh is not only a talented composer but a trumpeter. He has composed a multitude of musical works in both contemporary acoustic field as well as with electro-acoustic, or electronic music, field. In his music he loves to explore the subject of creating, and then manipulation the expectations of the listener.

Oren has developed this style through his influences, both musical and non-musical a like. In film he is drawn t words the works of Michael Haneke and Roy Andersson. Which in his opinion “Both of them tend to create films with such high levels of tension, but using only very limited and often banal means.”

When you listen to his music this is strikingly clear. Oren did not hone his skills by staying in one place. No, in fact he remarks “During the early stages of my career, I feel that if I stay in one place for enough time, I begin to feel comfortable with my surroundings and with the art that I am making.”

Only when he is outside his comfort zone, does he feel he composes the best. An early place that shaped his life, musically, would be the time he studied in Copenhagen with Hans Abrahamsen. Being exposed to a composer willing to challenge every note that he wrote helped him grow into who he is today.

ACM commissioned Oren in 2015 for the Sound of Silent Film Festival.


Want to know more? Listen to him: Click Here!