Late Night at National Sawdust:Chaos Theory Videos Posted

Videos now posted from this concert at National Sawdust, details below!

Podcast and live radio collide in an evening of music inspired by fractals, dynamic systems, feedback loops and nature.

Open G Records and Access Contemporary Music present Caroline Mallonee’s Butterfly Effect, a string quartet inspired by the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in Australia could cause a tornado in Texas, Chin Ting Chan’s gorgeously abrasive Fractals, Lyudmila German’s nod to organic systems Six Fragments and Four Miniatures, David Glaser’s haunting Moonset No. 1 and two world premieres, one written for acclaimed soprano Sharon Harms by Jesse Jones, and one for and clarinetist Mark Dover of Imani Winds by Jonathan Ragonese.

Late Night at National Sawdust is a quarterly live taping of Relevant Tones, a contemporary music podcast hosted by Seth Boustead that will also be broadcast in real time on the nationally syndicated WFMT Radio Network and on WKCR in New York. Live radio has never been so intimate.

The broadcast will be preceded by the Discovery Series, a process-oriented exploration of musical creativity led by composer/pianist Jeremy Gill. The three composers to be performed, chosen from a pool of more than five hundred, are Henrique Coe, Adina Dumitrescu and Ryan Homsey.



non-poem 4 by Jonathan Ragonese

Margaret by Jesse Jones

Six Miniatures and Four Fragments by Lyudmila German (excerpt)


Butterfly Effect by Caroline Mallonee


Moonset No. 1 by David Glaser

Fractals by Chin Ting Chan (excerpt)