Into the Mystic – Discounted Tickets

ACM’s first concert of the season is also the first concert in our new venue: the Davis Theater in Lincoln Square.

Into the Mystic features music by composers from around the world inspired by religion, spirituality and altered states of consciousness.

From Xiaogang Ye’s evocative depiction of the hallucinogenic datura plant to James Primosch’s sparse, intensely religious, hymn-like string quartet to Jing Zhou’s musical evocations of Chinese Buddhism, Into the Mystic is a transportive concert experience

Pēteris Vasks’ sublimely gorgeous Meditation opens this concert which will also include Andrián Pertout’s Rishis and Saints for prepared piano and cello, Seth Boustead’s The Numinous inspired by C.G. Jung’s work on mythic archetypes, and Ross Edwards’ charged evocation of a Koori sacred place in Australia.

Join us a half hour before the concert, at 7:00, for an open reading of the first installment in a new piece being composed for us by David Smooke for our latest Composer Alive commissioning project.

Tuesday September 12 7:30 PM
Davis Theater
4614 N. Lincoln Ave.
$12.50 discounted tickets with this private link


Meditation by Pēteris Vasks
The Numinous by Seth Boustead
Etymalong by Ross Edwards
Rishis and Saints by Andrián Pertout
Datura by Xiaogang Ye
Agama by Jing Zhou
String Quartet No. 2 by James Primosch

Chris Ramaekers – Artistic Director

Alyson Berger – cello
Kathleen Carter – violin
Sebastian Huydts – piano
Magdalena Sustere – cello
Cory Tiffin – clarinet
Arianne Urban – violin
Trevor Patrick Watkin – flute
Becca Wilox – viola
Amy Wurtz – piano
Jeff Yang – violin


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