Seeking Composer Submissions for Concept Lab

Concept Lab is an exciting new exploratory music series featuring works in progress, improvised works and collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects in all stages of completion.

Created by composers Seth Boustead and Will Rowe and run as a collective, Concept Lab is New York City’s only series featuring works in progress.

If you have an idea you’ve always wanted to try or are currently working on a piece and want to hear part of it or just want to write something new for amazing musicians, then we invite you to submit to Concept Lab.  Click here to submit!

Concept Lab will happen at the Rockwood Music Hall in Lower Manhattan and features these great players.

Kate Amrine – trumpet
Hristina Blagoeva – flute
Talia Dicker – cello
Joenne Dumitrescu – violin
Irene Fitzgerald-Cherry – violin
Ford Fourqurean – clarinet
Miles Massicotte – piano

Fixed media pieces are welcome as are electro-acoustic works. Every composer gets 15 minutes.  Ideally you’d be able to be there in person to present your work but it is not required.

The show dates are:
March 27th
June 19th
September 25th
December 4th