Event Year: 2014

Composer Alive: Poland

In 2015 our Composer Alive collaboration was with Agnieszka Stulginska of Warsaw Poland.  In keeping with our Composer Alive format, Ms. Stulginska wrote a new piece, Dance With My Breath, in three installments for our Palomar ensemble to perform and record between January and March and the World Premiere was performed in April. Each of… Read more »

Goblin Market

First published in 1862, the narrative poem the Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti, ostensibly a poem for children, was immediately hailed for its rich symbolism, vivid imagery and multiple layers of meaning. The poem is still influential today and is the basis of a wonderful work for narrator and large ensemble by Pulitzer prize winning… Read more »

Composer Alive: Brazil

The culmination of our months-long collaboration with Brazilian composer Alexandre Lunsqui, this concert featured the World Premiere of his new piece Toy. Written over a six month period in short installments which we recorded as he sent them to us, Toy is a virtuosic, energetic, fun piece for our resident Palomar ensemble. The rest of… Read more »

Composer Alive: Alexandre Lunsqui

We’re thrilled to announce Alexandre Lunsqui as the recipient of our 2013 Composer Alive commission.  One of Brazil’s most exciting composers today, Alexandre Lunsqui writes music of astounding rhythmic energy and inventive, peculiar timbre. Alexandre will compose a new piece (currently titled TOY) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello in three installments. Though we… Read more »

Vanishing Point

In Geometry textbooks we’re told that parallel lines never meet but, from our visual perspective, they do meet at the horizon or the vanishing point as it’s called. Similarly in music it seems that singer/songwriters and composers have very little in common. But, as in geometry the truth depends on our perception.  Vanishing Point will… Read more »